Five Brooklyn Parks To Escape To, Even During Winter

With winter approaching and COVID still raging, one might think that we’re gonna all be trapped inside once again for the next couple of months. However, even if experiences outside your own home become limited, that doesn’t mean you still can’t go out for a quick jaunt in the brisk weather. In fact, going out during the winter, especially for walks, has a myriad of health benefits.

That just leaves one question: what are some nice places with decent scenery and maybe some outdoor activities that you can enjoy while going on a little winter day trip? Fortunately Litt Live has you covered with these 5 beautiful Brooklyn parks that can help you get out and stay active this winter.

  1. Maria Hernandez Park: Maria Hernandez Park  is a small but nonetheless beautiful park, even in the drab winter months. The park is dedicated to the late Maria Hernandez, a local activist who took it upon herself to stand up to the drug dealers who were moving into her neighborhood in the late 1980s. She organized community activities, acted as a police informant, and even tried to convince dealers to leave. Unfortunately her convictions earned her some unwanted attention and she was killed on the morning of August 8th, 1989.

    Today, her memory lives on in this quaint neighborhood park sequestered in the hip Bushwick neighborhood. The park itself has a playground, a basketball court and a beautiful central plaza perfect for small gatherings and performances.

  2. Fort Greene Park: Fort Greene has a lot of history. Originally the site of some Revolutionary War forts, the area soon began being used as a green space in peacetime. The Fort Greene Park has since come a long way and is one of the more notable parks in Brooklyn.

    The park’s most outstanding feature is the regal looking Prison Ship Martyrs Monument. The monument is dedicated to the resting place of Revolutionary War soldiers buried beneath Fort Greene in a crypt. The park itself is clearly a beautiful resting place for those patriots, with it’s rolling hills, twisting trails and majestic monument. For those of us in the world of the living though, the park is complete with some neat amenities including basketball courts, tennis courts, and a playground.

  3. McCarren Park: McCarren Park is more of a community center than a park and has almost everything you could want out of a friendly neighborhood greenspace. It comes complete with a number of impressive amenities including a pool, a rec center, a skate park, a running track, an outdoor theater/baseball field, as well as handball, Bocce ball, and tennis courts. Plus, there are 34 acres of fields and trails to wander.

    While the indoor facilities/pool are closed due to COVID and winter respectively, there’s still plenty to explore at McCarren. 

  4. Highland Park: Highland Park is a great visit for avid naturalists. The reservoir at the center of the park is home to 131 species of bird and offers an experience not too dissimilar to wandering the countryside. Even during the winter months, the park is wondrous place to explore with elegant paths winding through enchanting wooded areas. On top of this, the park is surrounded by quite a few cemeteries, making it an interesting destination for local photographers and historians alike.

    However, for those who are more interested in athletics, Highland park nonetheless sports a few basketball and tennis courts as well as baseball and soccer fields.

  5. Prospect Park: If Brooklyn had a park that could rival Central Park itself, it would be Prospect Park. Prospect has all the amenities available in the typical park and then goes well beyond that. Some of the most notable features include a small zoo, horseback riding lessons, and fishing/ boating opportunities. There’s even an ice rink set up during the winter months.

    Even if all of that doesn’t interest you, the park still offers 526 acres of green space to explore, complete with scenic monuments, bridges and trails. Prospect park is still very much a place worth visiting, despite the cold winter months up ahead. 

All of these parks are wonderful destinations. But you know what’ll make them even better? Bringing some new friends along, of course! Start your own walking, photography or naturalist group by creating an event with Litt Live. What better way to meet new people than on a relaxing stroll through a park?