How Litt Live Can Help You Find Some Friends For Group Coupon Deals

Make Friends With Bargain Hunting

Group coupon sites offer some utterly fantastic deals. Sometimes you might wonder what type of sorcery is worked so that the businesses offering these deals can afford to pay their employees. It might be a marketing secret that goes to the grave with the owners. But honestly, who cares when you and a handful of friends can eat out, attend events, or even go on a trip for ridiculously discounted prices?

But let’s say all your friends are too busy or live too far away. Maybe you don’t even have any friends you poor, sad, person you. Effectively using those group coupons suddenly becomes much more difficult. Luckily, sites like Litt Live can help you find new friends to take on group coupon fueled adventures. 

Here’s how:

  1. First find a group coupon site. Some of our faves include

    -Groupon: Well known and reliable. They’re the big kid on the block. Groupon has group deals on everything from eating out to sky-diving. Best part is that you can search by region to find offers specific to your area.

    -LivingSocial: Essentially Groupon’s little brother. LivingSocial is remarkably similar to Groupon. The only major difference is that LivingSocial focuses more on gift-giving. Overall, their selection is thinner than that of Groupon’s, but they nonetheless make a great alternative to Groupon if you can’t find the group deal that you’re looking for.

    -Pulsd: Pulsd offers a comprehensive list of incredible events specific to the NYC area. Many of these events are discounted and you can even send invites to friends through the platform.

  1. Next, log into Litt Live and go to “Add Event”. You can find this option under the little flame icon next to your account name in the upper right-hand corner. Title your event, add a description and put some contact info in. Do your best to ensure your events are socially distanced and safe.

  1. Once you start getting some interest, feel free to share your group coupons with your newly found friends. Set a time and place to meet and let the bonding process begin.

Litt Live is a great way to find new friends by hosting events. However, it’s also a great way to find events to join. Check out our Instagram or Facebook to get daily updates on exciting things happening in your neighborhood.